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            Device Binding support for Ubuntu Linux (Beta)

            Device binding support is extended to Ubuntu Linux Client. Devices are enrolled into InstaSafe solution capturing the device parameters like MAC address, OS  version, Device Serial number, UUID (Universal Unique Identifier ). One or more enrolled device is bound to the user (username) and when the user attempts to connect, the device binding check is performed and the user is allowed if he/she has logged in from the enrolled device, else access is denied.

            Note:Device Binding supports only for Cert+pass Users,Supported User agents: Ubuntu Linux user agents.

            Steps to configure Device binding

            Step 1: Login to Company InstaSafe portal and download Linux user agent, which downloads .sh file then install the Agent and after Installing when the user connects, the device should be captured in the Portal.

            Step 2: Once Device is Captured, admin can enable the device binding for a particular user for a particular device or admin can manually add the device and enable it for users before installing as well.

            Updated: 01 Jul 2019 03:24 PM
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