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            GUI support for Ubuntu InstaSafe Agent (Beta)

            This feature provides user to launch the InstaSafe Agent Graphical User Interface(GUI) in Ubuntu Linux. User can Launch, connect and disconnect InstaSafe Agent using this GUI.

            Supported Linux flavors: ubuntu 14.04.6, ubuntu 16.04.2, ubuntu 18.04.2.

            Steps to configure GUI support for Ubuntu InstaSafe Agent

            Step 1: Enable the Linux GUI

            1. Login into the Instasafe Company Admin Portal and Enable the Linux GUI Feature for the companies which they are needed.

            Step 2: To install Ubuntu user agent GUI

            1. Go to respective company portal and in downloads we can select the user which we need to be installed.
            2. Launch Linux Machine and open a Command prompt.
            3. In command prompt go to respective directory where user agent has downloaded.
            4. Type the Command sh in the command prompt, in the respective directory and just press enter and it downloads and installs all the required packages and dependencies for the GUI.

            Step 2 - Launch the GUI in Linux
            1. Go to search and type InstaSafe will find an InstaSafe GUI.
            2. Double click on the GUI and it directs to another pop-up window, which is used to connect and disconnect.

            Updated: 01 Jul 2019 03:24 PM
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