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            How to re-configure InstaSafe Agent to assign a different user profile? Or, how to reassign device to another user?

            InstaSafe Agent is configured with a user profile when the user first logs in after initial setup. Administrator can change the user profile from one user to different user if required. Typically, such requirement comes up when a user leaves the organisation or if the user's machine is re assigned to a different user.
            Same user profile cannot be configured on two different devices with host check enabled (MAC address and Serial No verification)

            configuration :
            Navigate to the path C:\Program Files (x86)\InstaSafe\bin
            Highlighted the path and file

            Locate the file clientconfig.exe

            Right Click on the file clientconfig.exe and select Run as Administrator.

            Enter username and password of the "new user" you wish to configure.

            Username and password are case sensitive.
            This process is only for windows operating systems.
            Upon login with the new username and password, the new user's profile is automatically downloaded and the configuration on InstaSafe Controller is also automatically updated.

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