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            InstaSafe Mac Agent doesn't connect and throws throws an OpenVPN related warning message


            The InstaSafe User Agent on macOS doesn't connect as expected, and throws an error message as shown below:

            In addition, the InstaSafe User Agent UI will display the message system policy prevents loading;check the system/kernel logs for error or try kextutil(8) in the real time logs

            The issue is caused because the macOS security settings block a certain component named 'Tunnelblick' from running. This needs to be Allowed from within the security settings so that the InstaSafe User Agent can function normally.


            Step 1: Navigate to the Apple menu and select System Preferences.

            Step 2: Click Security & Privacy.

            Step 3: Click the lock icon at the bottom left to allow changes. Enter the system administrator credentials if prompted.

            Step 4 : Click Allow next to System software from developer "Legacy Developer: Tunnelblick" was blocked from loading.

            The InstaSafe User Agent should now connect as expected.

            Allow button is disabled

            In some cases, the Allow button might be disabled. Possible reasons for this include:
            1. Physical access to the computer is required to allow the kernel extensions. The Allow button will be disabled if you are remotely accessing the computer.
            2. Remote connection is open or was recently open on your computer. We recommend you to restart your computer to restore access to the Allow button.
            3. If you are using a third-party application to emulate mouse or trackpad (such as MagicPrefs, Synergy, BetterTouchTool, etc.) close or uninstall this application in order to restore access to the Allow button.


            Updated: 03 Apr 2019 01:32 AM
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