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            Time-bound Application Access (Beta)

            Application Access to the user is allowed by defining the time interval and days of the week by the Administrator of the company.  User will be able to access these applications through InstaSafe Agent only during the allowed time and days.

            Supported OS flavors: Windows flavor, Mac, Ubuntu Linux, Android.

            Configuration and Working:

            Step 1: Go to Access Policies and Add policy and Enable Scheduler. We can select the source and destination type as Access policy required.

            Step 2: After Enabling, we can set the Day and time with respect to a particular application or application group for a particular user or user group. We can see the below picture, we enabled the scheduler and it gives the choice to apply on any days as required and the start time and end time.

            Step 3: After applying the Access policies and enabling the scheduler, the user, user group or Application can access the application or application group only on that day and within the configured time and to Access the application we have 7 to 10 min buffer time.
            Updated: 01 Jul 2019 03:24 PM
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